Television Work:

Since 2010 I've been working as Director of Photography for the independent adventure travel TV show "Extreme Treks" and "Tough Rides" which both are in their third seasons and have aired on Discover Channel, Outdoor Network, and the BBC. I've filmed the circumnavigation of China, India, and Brazil by motorcycle for Tough Rides and I've summited Aconcagua, Mt. Elbrus, and Kilimanjaro for Extreme Treks. Below you can find some clips from those series. You can also check out my IMDB profile or subscribe to my YouTube channel. For an equipment list go here. 

Jesse Rivere  - Montreal Video Portraits

Destination Canada: Promotion for the China market

Watch Destination Canada Summer 2017 on Youtube

Watch Destination Canada's "On the Road: Canada" on Youtube. 

Extreme Treks: Season 2 Trailers

Extreme Treks: Sacred Mountains of China - Season 1

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Tough Rides

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Watch on SOHU (China only)


Watch on SOHU (China only)

Shaanxi: China's Great Gateway - for Discovery Asia